3 Ton Mobile Bulk Bin [ GO BACK ]
The Feed Train 3 Ton Mobile Bulk Bin features a 6250 Lb. Shelled Corn Capacity, 2 easy View sight windows, Easy open Lid, Internal Feed Gate, Automatic Feed Gate Lock, Full 3/16" formed frame with 2-3500 Lb. axles, full spring suspension with equalizers, fenders as standard equipment, removable ladder with safety loop at top, fully weatherproof, also has a variety of add on features available, and can be towed at full capacity.


Bolt on Bucket Bench

Auger Attachment

Hydraulic Power Unit

Pull Rope Control System

Wireless Remote Control System


Sturdy 14 gauge steel construction, with a 12 gauge front on the cone for added strength.

At 36" by 48", we have the largest lid opening available on any commercial bulk bin. Opening is handled by our easy opening mechanism, similar to our creep feeders.

Convenient windows that enable you to check the capacity levels without climbing.

Weatherproof and rodent proof, our bulk bins can be stored outside with no worry of feed or grain spoilage.

Internal feed gate for ease of use and no worries about inclement weather keeping you from your commodities stored inside.

Easy adjust feed gate with automatic lock ensures that animals cannot tamper with the feed gate.

Every Feed Train Bulk Bin is painted with our trademark high visibility red paint for years of service.


Spout Height:11 Ft.

Auger Diameter:6 In.

Auger Reach:5 Ft. from edge of the fender.

Auger Flighting: 5-5/8" sectional poly plastic flighting.

Extension Tube Reach:12 Ft. in any direction from auger spout.

Extension Tube Construction: 3 sections, 4 ft per section, ABS plastic, with rubber flex hose connection