14 Foot Mobile Feed Bunk [ GO BACK ]
The Feed Train 14 Foot Portable System is designed to address environmental concerns of concentration of manure, helps eliminate the development of mud holes during wet weather and allows quick rejuvenation of grass in feeding areas.

* Extending pastures

* Quick and efficient regreening of grazing areas.

* Fleshing out heifers during breeding season.

* Makes round-up easy!

Our patented steering system allows close radius turning through gates and in and out of lots. The ease of motility makes it possible for one person and one vehicle to move the Feed Train Portable System from pasture to pasture in a matter of minutes. A Feed Train Portable Feed Bunk system takes much of the time and effort out of supplemental feeding in a rotational grazing system.

Our Portable Feeding Systems also feature unibody construction and can be joined together with standard lynch pins.


Fence-Line Feeder Attachment

Towing Hitch Kit


All of our Feed Bunk Systems Feature...

*Dimensions: 30"in Wide x 14"ft Long x 12"in Deep

*Sturdy All-Steel Unitized Construction
   - 14-gage Steel Trough
   - 12-gage Steel Frame And Legs

*Bright Red Finish For Easy Visibility

*Toe-hold Ridge Down Center Of Bunk